Understand yourself better.
Learn ways to relate to others and deal with feelings.

This group is designed for men and women who want to learn about themselves and their interactions with others, receive feedback on areas of concern, and learn ways to cope with stresses that affect their personal and professional lives.

This group provides a safe and confidential space for people to explore and practice strategies for improving their relationships and will provide support and challenge necessary for honest self-exploration.

Group members will be discussing personal feelings, ideas and dilemmas with one another. Groups can help reduce  the sense of aloneness that sometimes accompanies personal stress, and offer the opportunity to move back and forth between finding help and offering insight and support to others.
Personal Growth Group
Thursdays 7 P.M. - 8:30 P.M.
for 5 weeks.
Beginning when
the group is full.

The Counseling Center
Escanaba, MI

To Register Call:
(906) 789-3483
"The genius of Gestalt is in its attention to detail, its focus on what is, here and now. How can we improve our lives unless we know what  we're doing? The aphorism, 'if you always do what you've always done,you'll always get what you've gotten' is blunt and true. Happily there is excitement in discovering our layers of obstruction; there is great energy released in uncovering our true selves. A good Gestalt session is fun, feeling, work, relaxed, intense, full of life, a pattern for life and changes lives".
(Neil Lamper 1994)

In the tradition of his Gestalt training mentors, Dr. Art Fedor, psychologist, has practiced psychotherapy for 30 years. For 25 of those years he trained with Drs, Neil Lamper, Gary Jorgensen,  and Stuart Alpert and Naomi  Bressette-Alpert, three of whom trained with Fritz Perls. In the mid-80's Dr. Fedor was a work-scholar at Esalen Institute, where he trained with Ann Simkins, another of Perls' cohorts at Esalen
Art is offering a hands-on weekend Gestalt therapy group for individuals and couples.

The Counseling Center
(906) 789-3483
for more information.
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